Online Physiotherapy

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Can't leave the house?

Access our online musculoskeletal assessment tool and online treatment sessions with a Chartered Physiotherapist. 

During the initial online appointment, you will be able to speak and demonstrate any details about your condition and symptoms via video.


Simplicity at your fingertips

Once you have completed your appointment your will be provided with access to a rehabilitation app, with a bespoke exercise programme prescribed by your Physiotherapist, which will include expert advice and exercise videos.

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Why Virtual?

> Although the use of virtual physiotherapy has seen a significant increase due to Covid-19, Rehabplus have been providing virtual treatment for musculoskeletal problems since 2016.

> Access specialist physiotherapy advice and treatment when you are unable to attend clinic due to restrictions in travel, within a Covid-19 at risk group or in self isolation.

> Many conditions such as low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, tennis elbow, sporting injuries, sprains and strains can all be managed as effective through remote treatment as the can within a clinic