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Covid-19 - we are taking these extra measures to ensure a clean and safe clinical environment


Limited Clinic Occupancy


Observe Social Distancing


Face Coverings must be worn


Continuous Deep Cleaning

Learn about our approach to reopening clinics.


In addition to our own Rehabplus clinics, for our workplace and medico-legal services we operate a comprehensive national network of over 525 physiotherapy practices. 95% of patients will be within 5 miles of a Rehabplus national network clinic.


Why Rehabplus?

> Established in 2013, as Advanced Total Therapy Limited we now operate over 25 private physiotherapy clinics nationwide.

> Our team comprises of highly trained specialists, each being Chartered Physiotherapists and Health and Care Professions Council registered.

> Our Physiotherapists provide an holistic approach, with a fantastic record of reducing musculoskeletal problems such as whiplash, neck pain, low back pain and shoulder pain in fewer sessions.

> We completed 41,109 Physiotherapy appointments in 2019

> We are seen as a preferred physiotherapy provider to many self-referring private patients, major medical-legal agencies, corporate and national rehabilitation providers.

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