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How many healthy years do you want?

Control of your future health.

Our Biometric testing by Nightingale takes a comprehensive picture of your heart, immune system, metabolism and mind. With individual coaching plans on diet, exercise, sleep and stress levels you will have the tools for a better self and the opportunity of healthier years ahead.

Remember, these scores are not set in stone; you have the power to improve every single aspect of your blood health. We will put the tools in your hands to live better for longer.

Nightingale blood test

The answers are in your blood

All from a simple home test kit our latest technologies will give you an insight in to the future of your health, using a sophisticated algorithm to predict the number of healthy years in your life.

Based upon results from hundreds of thousands of previous blood samples, programming from hundreds of research publications and our unique test technology you can not only see your future health, but improve it. Take control of your future health today.

Reach your goal with our coaching

In addition to the comprehensive information published on your Livit app. Each time you submit a completed test you are allocated up to 15 minutes one to one coaching where you can delve even deeper in to how to achieve your health goals. Creating sustainable habits in your everyday life that lead to increased wellbeing and performance.

Nightingale coaching
Nightingale Healthy years

The metrics we measure.....Healthy years

Healthy years are the estimated age to which you are likely to live before suffering a disease that significantly impairs your quality of life. Up to 80% of the most common diseases can be prevented by making healthier choices in your daily life.

Among the people we tested, the average woman lives 78 healthy years and the average man 74. However, people with the unhealthiest lifestyles are expected to live up to 20 fewer healthy years than average – and people with the healthiest lifestyles up to 20 more healthy years than the average. The difference can amount to 40 healthy years.

Whether you're changing your diet, exercise, sleep or stress level, Healthy Years will serve as your guide to your future health.

The heart

Improve heart health and minimize the risk of heart disease with Livit by Nightingale Health's unique results.

Heart Disease Resistance – Your body's ability to avoid heart disease in the long term compared to people like you.

Heart Age – Your current heart health compared to your actual age.

Nightingale The heart
Nightingale The mind

The mind

Your mental resilience score shows your ability manage depression, anxiety and other common conditions.


Our advanced metrics will analyse your ability to fight disease, infection and improve your immune resilience. It also calculates your immune age – your currently level of immunity.

Nightingale Immunity
Nightingale The mind


Type 2 diabetes is a common metabolic disease that impairs your bodies ability to control blood sugar levels in the blood. Our diabetes resistance score shows your bodies current resistance to this condition.


Blood test contributions are used to calculate your health results. The contributors of the blood test are cholesterol balance, fatty acid balance, dietary fatty acid, low-grade inflammation and metabolic efficiency.

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