Digital Physiotherapy Assessment Tool

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Assess your physiotherapy  needs in just a few minutes


Rehabplus are proud to be the UK's first private physiotherapy provider to offer a FREE Digital Physiotherapy Assessment as part of any treatment package.

Once completed a clinical report will be sent directly to you with treatment recommendations and exercises to get you on your way to a speedy recovery.

Should you require virtual or in-clinic physiotherapy we will discuss with you treatment options which can include virtual physiotherapy, in-clinic physiotherapy at a Rehabplus clinic or physio at one of our 675 partner clinic locations.


The digital report will be sent to your Physiotherapist ahead of your first appointment, saving you time and giving you access to physiotherapy to commence treatment faster.



Digital Assessment

Virtual - Initial Assessment


Virtual - Treatment


F2F - Initial Assessment


F2F - Treatment


F2F - Initial Assessment (National Network Clinic)



F2F - Treatment

(National Network Clinic)



Key Features

- Reduces the time of the first appointment as a full clinical overview of your problem is obtained ahead of the consultation. 

- Identifies any clinical emergencies that need to be reviewed ahead of physiotherapy treatment.

- Platform uses algorithms to summarise the patient's medical assessment and offers 9 clinically validated treatment pathways.

- Offers immediate personalised advice and exercises to help you reduce symptoms 

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