Covid-19 - Our Approach

Last updated: 01/05/2021



The majority of our clinics are now open for in-clinic appointments.


Bow Road / Brent Cross / Camberwell / Chingford / Croydon / Dagenham / Dartford / Eltham / Gillette Corner / Heathrow / Luton / Medway / Palmers Green / Ruislip / Sutton / Tooting / Wembley / Wimbledon.

If you would prefer to transfer care into our award-winning virtual service then please contact us.


Please DO NOT attend any scheduled in-clinic appointments at the following clinics due to ongoing Covid-19 restricted closures:

Portsmouth - No confirmed reopening.

Southampton - No confirmed reopening.


Thank you for your ongoing co-operation.

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Covid-19 - We are taking these extra measures to ensure a clean and safe clinical environment


Limited Clinic Occupancy


Observe Social Distancing


Face Coverings must be worn


Continuous Deep Cleaning


Covid-19 - Frequently asked questions

Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

Is it safe to reopen clinics?

We have considered and planned very carefully to reopen our clinics. This decision is based on government guidance and regulatory advice for healthcare providers, including guidance from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. We have performed thorough risk assessments of each and every clinic location and have worked with our clinical team to ensure that we are reopening in the right way and at the right time.

What pre-appointment screening measures are Rehabplus taking before patients attend for face to face treatment within a clinic?

Prior to any face to face clinic appointment, the patient will undergo a telephone call with either a member of our operations centre or a physiotherapist. The patient will be asked a series of questions that will enable us to determine if face to face treatment is clinically appropriate and safe for everyone. At present we are adopting the 'virtual first' approach as set out by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

What in-clinic measures are Rehabplus taking?

The welfare of our patients and staff is our top priority and whilst our clinic environments are by nature, low footfall and good spaces, to mitigate risk further, we are regularly sanitising our clinics and ensuring staff follow strict precautionary measures at all times. This includes but not limited to: > Our physiotherapists will be wearing appropriate PPE, which will include; face covering, apron and gloves. We will also encourage any patients to wear PPE and face coverings wherever possible as per government guidance. > Allowing extra time between every appointment to ensure no overlap with patients and to allow effective deep cleaning between each and every patient. > Hand Washing - We have asked all staff to ensure that they wash and sanitise their hands following each and every hands-on interaction and between each and every patient. > Patients will remain outside the building and only enter at the time of their appointment or when the Physiotherapist calls the patient ahead of the appointment. > Maintain at least a 2m distance from others when waiting as appropriate. > Appointments will be attended alone unless a chaperone is essential. > Symptoms: We are following the Government advice by ensure that any staff member who reports any symptoms to remain at home and self-isolate. Any patient who feels unwell, has flu-like symptoms, or may have been in contact with someone should not visit the clinic under any circumstances. We continue to monitor the situation and Government advice closely following all recommended steps. We will update this page should anything change.

How can Rehabplus be sure that Physiotherapists do not have Covid-19?

In the very same way that we are checking patients attending our clinics, we are also screening our own physiotherapists daily and carefully to ensure that they are fit and safe to be treating any patients in any of our clinics. All physiotherapists and clinics will be equipped with PPE (personal protection equipment), including: aprons, gloves, sanitising equipment and face masks.

What happens if a patient starts displaying symptoms ahead of a booked session?

This will be confirmed with patients as part of our screening call before any face to face clinic booking, but we appreciate things change. If a patients starts to display symptoms of coronavirus before their appointment, they should not come into clinic and contact our Operations Team on 01329 227 840 to rearrange or cancel the appointment. We will be temporarily reducing our late cancellation policy from 48 hours to 12 hours prior. Should less than 12 hours notice be provided or a patient not attend the appointment then a DNA fee may be charged.

Every patient must pass a risk assessment prior to booking. Our criteria for face to face sessions are:

> A condition that will not respond to remote physiotherapy (a nerve problem, pain that is not easing with exercise alone, where an accurate diagnosis will not be possible via video). > You have passed all aspects of our pre-appointment screening form > You are free from COVID19 and you have not been in contact with anyone who has had COVID19 within the last 21 days. > You have not travelled out of the UK in the last 14 days. > You do not suffer from: Heart disease, breathing problems (chronic airways disease), diabetes, cancer (in chemotherapy treatment) or any other reason for shielding.

Do I need a face covering at my appointment?

Our treating clinicians will be wearing PPE including: Surgical masks, gloves and an apron. We request that you bring your own face covering when attending any face to face appointment to ensure everyones safety.

Covid-19 - Face to Face Patient - Arrival Information

We have been working hard to ensure your safety during the Covid-19 Pandemic. As part of that process we have introduced some new measures for how patients arrive and enter any of our clinics.

Please note the following information:

Ahead of your appointment:

Ahead of any face to face appointment you will require a virtual appointment to ascertain whether it is necessary to proceed with face to face treatment within a Rehabplus Clinic. If it is deemed necessary to complete treatment face to face then you will be asked to completed the following questionnaire on booking with a member of our team. Should you wish to complete the screening online please click here.

On Arrival:

  • Arrive for your appointment just before the allotted time.
  • Should you prefer to wait in your vehicle ahead of the consultation and be called into the clinic when it is clear then please inform our bookings team at the point of booking. The physiotherapist will call you when it is ok to enter the clinic room.
  • Please either use your own hand sanitiser or the hand sanitiser located in the clinic room when you enter.
  • Please bring a face mask or covering with you and wear it at all times unless otherwise advise by the Physiotherapist. If you do not have a face mask you will be provided a face mask by the Physiotherapist but a charge may be applicable.
  • Please respect social distancing were possible.
  • Please do not wear gloves as you will be asked to remove these. We have hand washing facilities and sanitiser for you to use.

During your appointment:

  • During your session you will be required to wear a face covering.
  • Social distancing of 1m+ will be maintained where possible e.g. when talking
  • You should be aware that the nature of physiotherapy assessment and treatment will require close contact and hands on engagement at times. Where possible we will keep such time limited to under 15 minutes.
  • Your therapist will wear the following PPE during your consultation – Apron, Face mask, Gloves for hands on assessment
  • Please avoid bringing unnecessary belongings to appointments such as bags.
  • Try to come to appointments unaccompanied. If you require a chaperone please note that they will be required to give contact details and complete pre-screening assessment in case information needs to be given to Test and Trace services.
  • Toilet facilities are available based on local facilities at the clinic. We would encourage you to use your own at home before or after your session.

On Departure:

  • Any private patient payments can be made via our bookings team on 01329 755 755 prior to your appointment.
  • Whilst we would normally love for you to stay and chat following your appointment right now we must try to reduce the time spent in clinic and also avoid crossing over with other patients, therefore we ask that you exit promptly.
  • Please use hand sanitiser as you exit

Measures we have put in place:

  • Additional hand sanitiser for clients and staff
  • Enhanced cleaning policy
  • The use of PPE for all clinical staff including additional training
  • Monitoring of staff for symptoms of Covid-19
  • Screening of all clients and visitors for risk of or symptoms of Covid-19
  • Removed all soft furnishings in clinic rooms and replaced with single use paper towels
  • 5 minute time window between each client for clinic room cleaning, airing and sanitisation process
  • Removed all reading material from the waiting area

Check List:

  • Complete the pre-assessment screening
  • Make sure you have a face mask or covering suitable to wear for the session
  • Ensure you understand the new entry process
  • Ensure you do not have any symptoms of Covid-19 or should not be shielding or isolating
Should you have any further questions please contact our operations and bookings team on 01329 755 755.